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Speech Enhancement - C++

VDK currently features one Speech Enhancement library: vsdk-s2c.



#include <vsdk/speech-enhancement/s2c.hpp>

Creating and using a SpeechEnhancer

A SpeechEnhancer is used to take audio data in and get new audio data out, so it works as an audio modifier in the Pipeline!

Let’s say you want to read a file, clean its audio and write the output into another file:

using S2cEngine = Vsdk::SpeechEnhancer::S2c::Engine;
auto engine     = Vsdk::SpeechEnhancer::Engine::make<S2cEngine>("config/vsdk.json");
auto enhancer   = engine->speechEnhancer("<name>");

Vsdk::Audio::Pipeline pipeline;
// Reads a 1-channel/2-channels 16-bit signed Little-Endian 16kHz PCM file
// Speech Enhancers only work with 16kHz!
pipeline.setProducer<Vsdk::Audio::Producer::File>("file.raw", 16000, enhancer->inputChannelCount(), 0);
pipeline.pushBackConsumer<Vsdk::Audio::Consumer::File>("file-cleaned.raw", true);


The Speech Enhancer Engine must be configured using the VDK Studio.

Here is the template that will be added automatically in the vsdk.json configuration file during export.

    "s2c": {
      "speech_enhancement": {
        "speech_enhancers": {
          "<name>": {
            "configuration": "<configuration>"
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