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How-to: Install & Configure Conan

Conan is a dependency manager for C and C++. It will handle the huge hassle of finding and managing the dependencies for your C++ programs and libraries. It is also the primary way of delivering our SDKs (and starting from 2023, our sample programs) to you. Powerful tools often come with a complex set of features, commands and interactions, and this guide will help you understand the basics and set Conan up the right way to get your hands on our products.


Conan is a Python 3 program. The easiest way to install it is through Python’s package installer pip. At the time of writing this guide, Vivoka needs Conan version 1.53+, and this requirement goes up regularly.


Simply run the following command (both for installing and upgrading):

[sudo] pip install -U "conan<2.0"
# Test the installation
conan --version

If you didn't install as root, make sure to add the binary to your PATH!


If you don’t have Python 3 already installed on your system, simply pick the latest version (3.11 at the time of writing this guide):

  • Check “Add python.exe to your PATH

  • Click “Customize installation

    • Uncheck “Documentation”, “td/tk and IDLE”, “Python test suite”, “py launcher

    • Click “Next

    • Check “Install Python 3.11 for all users”, “Add Python to environment variables”, “Precompile standard library

    • Uncheck “Create shortcuts for installed applications

    • Set the installation path to C:\Python\Python311

    • Click “Install

Once the installation is done, one last step is required to have pip available in command line:
Add C:\Python\Python311\Scripts to your PATH variable.

Open a terminal and input pip install -U "conan<2.0" (this will install or update Conan).

Check that the operation is successful with conan --version.


Run the following commands:

conan config set general.revisions_enabled=1
conan remote add vivoka-customer
conan user <username> -r vivoka-customer -p <password> # Use your VDK login

You can set the password in the CONAN_PASSWORD_VIVOKA_CUSTOMER environment variable if you want to avoid inputting it regularly.

Setting up your compiler

Run the following command to let Conan detect your compiler:

conan profile new --detect default

Only GCC 7-10 using libstdc++ is supported (version support also vary depending on the architecture). Run this command to make sure the right version of the standard library is selected:

conan profile update settings.compiler.libcxx=libstdc++11 default

Only MSVC 15 and 16 (which maps to Visual Studio 2017 and 2019) are supported. If you’re unsure Conan detected a compatible version, print it:

conan profile get settings.compiler.version default

While our binaries should be mostly compatible with Visual Studio 2022, it is not supported so use at your own risks (no support will be done if you do this)!

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