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Tour guide

The interface is composed of several tools called widgets, each responsible for a particular task such as speech recognition, voice synthesis, etc.

General description

Once you have launched the VDK software, you can see here the general overview. We will see in the following chapter each of the interfaces that makes up the software.

Home view

This view allows you to create projects, open existing project or import previous project.

Navigation bar

Six view are available:

  1. Home: as previously described, it is the studio entry point.

  2. Workspace: this view allows you to navigate in your opened projects.

  3. Playground: a simple place to try our different technologies without creating any project.

  4. Resources: go there to download/update resources.

  5. Learn: tutorials, links to documentation… Everything needed to help you!

  6. Settings: information about your VDK instance.

Workspace View

You can retrieve here your opened projects. The left panel (project-editor) displays all information about current technologies added to the project.

Click on on a card to open the corresponding widget and play with it. Multiple Widgets are available.

The Export a project button will generate all configuration and data files needed for a vsdk usage.

Please refer to the Create a project documentation for more information about it.


The playground space allows to you play with our technologies without creating any project.
It is faster but you wont be able to export your project.


In the Resources space, you can download different data, voices and anything you need for a future use.

Learn section

The Learn section provides every available documentation.


Come here to find information about your current instance:

  • Api-key currently in use

  • Studio logs

  • State of the vask-daemon

  • VDK version

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