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Voice Synthesis - C++ Sample

Downloading the samples

  1. Connect to FSWA

  2. In the search bar type cpp-samples-tts

  3. Sort by date

  4. Download the recent one

How to build

Please follow the procedure in the page How-to: Download, Compile & Run C++ Samples.

Start the sample

$ . ./build/ # this temporarily exports LD_LIBRARY_PATH for you
$ ./build/bin/tts-cpp
$ . ./build/ # unexport LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Windows - cmd.exe
$ .\build\activate_run.bat
$ .\build\bin\tts-cpp.exe
$ .\build\deactivate_run.bat
Windows - PowerShell
$ .\build\activate_run.ps1
$ .\build\bin\tts-cpp.exe
$ .\build\deactivate_run.ps1

Everything you type in the console will be played on your default audio output device. Speaker language is English (US). You can also input a file path containing either raw text or SSML text to be played.

How to add a new voice

First of all you need to add the voice files in data/languages, following the architecture of your VDK project.

Then edit config/vsdk.json to either add a new channel or add the voice to the existing channel.

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